Ciesse S.r.l. offers a customised “turnkey” removal service that focuses on the specific needs of the customer, for removals in Italia and abroad.


Ciesse S.r.l. provides international removal services throughout Europe, with more than 50 years of experience working in the business.

Our service includes every aspect of the moving process, from the handling of the bureaucratic paperwork, to packing, loading of vehicles, management of the actual move, and unloading of the packages at the new destination.


We provide removal services throughout the national territory, including the islands. As with international removals, customers will be assigned a removal director, who will act as the contact person for all the organisational and operational phases.

We have all the authorisations and permits needed to comply with the management removal protocols.


During a move, you may need a temporary space to store your packages. Furniture, ornaments, paintings, various objects and personal belongings are often impossible to place in the new property. This becomes an inconvenience for the move which in itself is a challenging and stressful time in the life of a family.

To avoid these inconveniences, Ciesse S.r.l. has its own warehouse which customers can use to temporarily store their belongings.

In addition, during our removal service we offer ONE MONTH FREE STORAGE in our warehouses because we know how important it is to prevent any unexpected surprises and to meet all your needs.

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