Attention to detail: a punctual, precise, methodical and, above all, effective service. The internal handling of a company is an important and responsible task for a removal company. Nothing is left to chance: our extensive experience allows us move the archives, warehouses, machinery and furniture of a company from one location to another.

We have been operating in Milan for 50 years, offering a turnkey service with provision of the necessary equipment, management of document archives or sample archives, transport, assembly/disassembly of shelves, reordering of cleared rooms and fitting-out of new ones… All this allows our customers to experience an important step in their corporate life, i.e. relocation, in complete tranquillity.


One of the most common problems that can arise during a move or relocation is damage to some objects. Care and attention is also needed when packing objects, therefore it is crucial that this aspect is not neglected.

Ciesse S.r.l. is a specialist in removals due to the extensive case histories available: during D-I-Y removals it is sometimes enough to affix the word “Fragile” on a box to prevent it from being damaged…. for us everything is handled as if was “Fragile” without the need for this word.


Ciesse S.r.l. manages electronic storage processes, transforming entire archives of paper documents into digital files that can also be consulted through dedicated applications.

A reduction of paper is something all companies want, even the smallest, not only to reduce the spaces necessary for the archives, but also because files are easier to manage than paper sheets. We scan the paper files in compliance with the privacy laws, allowing them to be consulted in a simple and effective manner.

We guarantee the destruction and disposal of paper documents in full compliance with the environmental regulations.

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