Ciesse S.r.l. offers services for digital and optical storage of paper documents to companies in the area of Milan.

The optical scanning activity comes from our customers who request electronic computerisation of their paper archives for immediate consultation of the documents in electronic format, with all the consequent advantages: elimination of internal paper flows and loads, safe and guaranteed organisation of documentation, reduction of search times.

The image display programs are customised to meet the needs of the customer. We follow all the operations necessary, from the normalisation to the scanning, right through to the indexing of documents.Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!


Ciesse S.r.l. offers a physical storage service for documents in the Milan area.

Document management of existing paper files can be carried out (on request) at the customer’s premises and involves the coding, reordering and mapping of documentation.

In addition to transport, Ciesse S.r.l. also provides its spaces for an allocation activity, assigning coordinates to each document for effective consultation. With regards to our classification systems, the management of documents ensures adequate preservation of the archive at every stage of its development. The document life cycle ends with its destruction.

Ciesse S.r.l. is the answer to all the management problems of physical document archives.

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